Demon Hunters RPG Kickstarter

Demon Hunters RPG: A Comedy of Terrors kickstarter, runs 9/16-10/16

Yes, it’s true! We’re doing a Kickstarter to fund our new roleplaying game, Demon Hunters RPG: A Comedy of Terrors. There has been a lot of great game creation wizardry out there in the past 6 years and our Demon Hunters property just got a webcomic reboot. Time for a new corebook, with all new rules, streamlined adventure creation, a badass deluxe cover, and Demon Hunters themed gaming tools like dice, dice bags and other stuff we’ve been dying to own ourselves.

The Rules: Based on and inspired by the Fate Core system, by Evil Hat Productions, the new rules focus on story-developed gameplay and character creation. The system accommodates a wide variety of character types, environments, magic and psionics, monsters, you name it. A version of Fate Points, or Plot Points, or in some cases Action Points, will be a key component of how your character can affect the story, the encounter, their personal growth, or just cheat death. Put it all together and you get an incredibly cinematic experience supported by the rules. Our working title for this system is “Faith Core”.

5 Minutes to Mayhem: The entire game is designed to get you playing quickly, from character creation to mission creation. Using the storytelling structures we use to create our webseries, movies, and comics, we have designed game master’s system to quickly generate dynamic missions. We call it 5 Minutes to Mayhem! In the time the players generate their characters, the GM can generate the workings of an interesting, character filled, plot-driven mission, and a structure to carry the story through a larger arch if they wish. From animated garden gnomes attacking a local asylum to resurrect their 10 foot tall Gnome King across the street in the Gnome Depot, to a zombie attack in a junkyard in the middle of Nevada, the result of a Mad Science experiment gone wrong intended to save the wife of a Brotherhood agent, the kinds of missions you can create are endless.

Demon Hunters: In April of this year, we rebooted what’s canon in this property. You can find that story at in the form of a webcomic. We’re using the canon from the comic for the setting and the art style in this RPG. We have the technology, it’s faster, it’s smarter, it makes us stronger… whatever Daft Punk. So you can create your own team of Demon Hunters and combat the forces of Evil from devouring your family.

The Rewards:

  • A premium portable deluxe (faux)leather-bound corebook
  • A PDF collection, including the new corebook, a sample adventure, and several other goodies
  • Celestial Torch and Infernal Scepter themed dice & temporary tattoos
  • Collaborative rewards to enhance the book, like:
    • Create your own character or even a Demon Hunters team to be canonized and included as playable characters
    • Dear Sally: Ask Anti-Tank Sally questions about life. She’ll hate you for it. On camera.
    • Play in a virtual or in-person Demon Hunters RPG session with us
    • And lots more.


We also have several stretch goals planned to enhance the book with more pages of awesome, more art, more adventures, even a potential Demon Hunters-themed Murder Mystery Party! But to get to the stretch goals, we need you to make your pledge.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll support the campaign and share it with all your friends!

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