[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38OjUN7N46s]

Written by Matt Vancil
Directed by Ben Dobyns

“Beneath the library, the demon awakes…”

Deep in the library basement of Pacific Northwest University lies a great evil, the Earthwalking demon Duamerthrax the Indestructible. Freed after a 1,000 year imprisonment, the demon unleashes his fury on the unsuspecting students above, especially on Chris, an unfortunate everyman who just happened to be in the way. Chris has only one hope-the Demon Hunters and their fearless leader Gabriel. Will the Demon Hunters destroy Duamerthrax before the demon escapes completely? Or will Gabriel, Silent Jim, Chris and the others be brutally slain by the last of the Earthwalkers?

In April of 1999 I gave twenty bucks to a guy I barely knew. The story would usually just end there, with me out twenty bucks. But in this case, the guy in question was Ben Dobyns. He took my twenty dollars, and the twenty dollars of ninety-nine other people, and bought a camera, and made a movie with it. In return, we all got tickets to the premiere.

That’s right. Ben Dobyns invented Kickstarter in 1999.

Demon Hunters premiered that October. Written by Matt Vancil and brought to us through the joint efforts of Dead Gentlemen Productions and the PLU Film Society (and Cobblers Crystals, of course). I was hooked. Sure, the production values were ridiculous, and the acting frequently atrocious, but none of that mattered. The story, and more precisely the characters, had triggered something in me. Gabriel, Chris, Silent Jim—I wanted more…

The Demon Hunters are back in a new weekly comic from Dead Gentlemen Productions! We’re taking things back to before the beginning with a new format, new stories, and a few surprises along the way. This is Demon Hunters the way it was always meant to be seen—without the limitations of a college film budget. Join the hunt on April 1st at Demon-Hunters.com!