Gabriel Nathan Rice
David Adam Utley
Goliath Matt Vancil
Kentucky Blue Clay Brian Lewis
Saint Peter Greg Vancil
Wimpy Hebrew Steve Wolbrecht
Wolf Steve Payne
Angel Anne Kennedy
Anti-Tank Sally Jen Page
Silent Jim Don Early
The Cipher Dom Zook
Rigor Mortis Jaime Mastromonica
Vampire Evan Shimono
Albrecht Christian Doyle
Tree Himself
Tree’s Lover Stacy Chambers
Herr Doktor Jimmy McMichael
London Matt Shimkus
Armageddon Shawn Shelton
Harkadian Shawn Franklin
Sparky Leila Aram-Panahi
Ned Phil M. Price
The Purple Ninja Himself
Syphilitic Ninja Vampire Edward Gibbs
Missy Alia Ponce
Ichabod Kevin Pitman
Sam Hell Scott C. Brown
Sound Guy Wayne Tapia
Mark the Red Chris Duppenthaler


Written by Matt Vancil
  Nathan Rice
  Jimmy McMichael
Directed by Don Early
  Ben Dobyns
Producer Tish Lopez
Director of Photography Tamia Diaz
Production Designer Matt DeMille
1st Assistant Director Tony Becerra
2nd Assistant Director Dirk Kahler
Sript Supervisor Cornelia D. Moore
Fight Choreographer Christian Doyle
Gaffer TJ Williams Jr.
1st Assistant Camera Christian Hansen
Key Grip Patrick Levad
Best Boy Erik Ledrew
Grips Joel Phillips
  Kyle McIntyre
  Shaun Martin
  Jay Love
  Rick Holme
  David Reed
  Tim Christiansen
Grip/Electric Ryan Middleton
Sound Supervisor Phil M. Price
Sound Mixer Bill Murray
Boom Operator Wayne Tapia
Key Hair/Makeup Shawn Shelton
Hair/Makeup Jaime Mastromonica
  Danyale Cook
Art Director Matt DeMille
Assistant to the Art Director Kimberly Diehl
Art Production Assistants Bethany Stowell
  Debora Totton
Property Master Matt DeMille
Weapons Rentals by Kevin Inouye
Key Set Production Assistant Kim Huston
Production Assistants J. Reid Johnson
  Anne Earhart
  Rachel Faircloth
  Rick Holme
  Zaine Beatty
  Langdon Bueschel
  Patrick Sherman
  Greg Nystrom
  Tallis Moore
Still Photographers Marc Studer
  Evan Shimono
  Cornelia D. Moore
  Greg Nystrom
Catering Kimberly Gardner
  James DeMille
Editor Ben Dobyns
Assistant Editor Zaine Beatty
Sound Editor Phil M. Price
Music Steve Wolbrecht
  Phil M. Price
Colorist & Visual Effects Ben Dobyns
DVD Authoring Ben Dobyns
2nd Unit Gaffer Marc Studer
Associate Producer Dirk Kahler
Special Thanks to:  
The Port of Tacoma  
Seattle Parks and Recreation  
Washington State Film Office  
Seattle Mayer’s Office of Film & Music  
Magnuson Park  
Camp Long  
Kevin Inouye Props Rentals  
Paizo Publishing  
Oppenheimer Cine Rental  
Pacific Grip and Light  
Captain Ron Paul Lafitte  
Fox Wilmar Productions  
Modern Digital  
Epic Level Entertainment  
Phil Lacefield  
Jim and DeeDee DeMille  
Cornelia D. Moore  
Jamie Chambers  
Margaret Weis  
Tamia Diaz  
TJ Williams Jr  
Ryan Middleton  
Heather Murphy  
Dan Dusek  
Brian Clements  
Sean Porter  
Tony Becerra  
“J’s Jive” “Highroad”
Are We There Yet Are We There Yet
The Bendickson Brothers The Bendickson Brothers
Beesnest Productions Beesnest Productions
©2004 ©2004
Dead Camper Lake  
Movie Soundtrack  
Steve Wolbrecht & Phil M. Price  
Margaret Weis Productions, LTD  
Publisher Margaret Weis
Art Director Renae Chambers
Vice President Jamie Chambers
Graphic Design Diggery Hayes
Managing Editor Cam Banks
Demon Hunters RPG Development Cam Banks
  Jamie Chambers
  Renae Chambers
  Brian Clements
  Ben Dobyns
  Chris Duppenthaler
  Don Early
  Christy Everette
  Sean Everette
  Digger Hayes
  Jimmy McMichael
  Nathan Rice
  Nathan Rockwood
  Matt Vancil
  Andy Vetromile
  Margaret Weis
  Elizabeth Wilhelm
  Steve Wolbrecht
Dead Gentlemen Development  
Executive Director Don Early
Director of Development Ben Dobyns
Head Writer Matt Vancil
Concept & Story Developed By Matt Vancil
  Nathan Rice
  Jimmy McMichael
  Don Early
  Ben Dobyns
The Demon Hunters Roleplaying Game  
©2007 Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd  
Licensed From Dead Gentlemen Productions, LLC  
All Rights Reserved  
Demon Hunters: Brotherhood Orientation Video  
is based on “Demon Hunters”  
an original story by Matt Vancil  
Demon Hunters Characters and World Are © Dead Gentlemen Productions  
Used With Permission  
All Rights Reserved  
All Characters and Representations are fictional  
Any resemblance to people from this universe is purely coincidental  
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