What the heck is this? Our friends and fellow filmmakers and gamers are doing a Kickstarter for their awesome webseries Saving Throw. From the Kickstarter page:

Saving Throw is an instructional web-series and website, designed to teach you not only how to play, but why. We love pen & paper role-playing games and want to share that passion with you, your friends, and the world.

With over 40 years of history, RPGs can be an intimidating prospect for some geeks. And with new systems emerging each year knowing the choices and rules becomes daunting.┬áThat’s where Saving Throw comes in!

Saving Throw will teach you what you need to get started in a friendly and engaging manner where YOU are in control. Episodes will be bite-sized and shareable because we know you’ve got that life-thing that keeps getting in the way!

We’re like a mixture of Wil Wheaton’s TableTop and Mythbusters, with a healthy dab of Top Gear thrown in for good measure. We’re a flexible resource you can utilize to help you learn or teach your favorite RPGs.

They’ve reached their initial goal, now it’s on to STRETCH GOALS! And they’re doing a pretty fun way to do stretch goals.


The backers become players, as we introduce a campaign within a campaign called The Tomb of the Forbidden Stretch Goals! Players will be given daily quests. In order to fulfill these quests there are various fundraising challenges that will present themselves. If the goals are met, the quest is won and the players advance towards their ultimate battle – against Cthulhu!

There’s one wrinkle – each quest has two outcomes, good or evil. Depending on which path the players choose they could end up fighting Cthulhu… or joining him!

The Tomb of the Forbidden Stretch Goals is designed to introduce an RPG element into the Kickstarter for a show that introduces RPGs to new players.

If they reach $15,000 anyone who has backed at $25+ will receive an extra d20 added to their reward package. Their ultimate goal is $100,000 by March 15th! So go throw them some bones, spread the word and build more gamers!