Thanks to a huge outpouring of support, we are thrilled to announce that our Season Two Kickstarter campaign has broken $100,000, which means that our second season will be feature length!

Once we consider that we’re adding Fran Kranz (Dollhouse), Bob Sapp (Conan), and Jen Page and Scott C. Brown (The Gamers: Dorkness Rising) to the cast, we get downright giddy.

So, to everyone who has contributed via PayPal or Kickstarter, thank you! To everyone who has helped spread the word, thank you!

And to anyone who hadn’t heard about the Kickstarter until this minute, definitely check it out—we have some awesome, exclusive rewards available for contributors, including a limited-editing Supporters DVD, a full size movie poster by Wayne Reynolds, copies of the Orcish/English Dictionary, and even the opportunity to appear in the film.

You can view our Kickstarter page right here—Kickstarter—and we’ve embedded our campaign video below. Remember, if you want any of the cool rewards, this is your last chance for the exclusives!