Live in Washington? Want to hang out with members of Dead Gentlemen and ZOE? Want to catch a great show and help us get JourneyQuest made?

Seattle Musical Theatre has generously agreed to help us out with shop and construction space for our JourneyQuest spaces. Now we want to return the favor, so we’re arranging a group night to go see Stephen Sondheim’s classic musical “Company”. And we want you to join us!

So if  you live within driving distance of Seattle, call their box office at (206) 363-2809 and mention JourneyQuest. They’ll give you a ten dollar discount, no questions asked. (Here’s a hint–the discount works all weekend. But we’ll only be at the Thursday show, if hanging out with us is important to you.)

See you this Thursday!

Need more convincing? Need to explain to your gaming buddies how musicals and gaming go hand-in-hand? Here are some bullet points to help you out:

  • Attending the show helps us get JourneyQuest built. Really!
  • We had to cut the big musical number from the first season of JourneyQuest, so here’s another place to get your musical fix.
  • Stephen Sondheim (who wrote “Company”) has been a huge creative influence on our stories and writing. The man knows fairy tales!
  • Small theater companies everywhere are struggling in this economy. The more we support our local performance scene, the better able we are to keep awesome actors in the area.
  • It will be fun. And the set is way cool.

So please, spread the word, bug your friends, call for tickets before they sell out, and we’ll see you Thursday!

(And as a reward for reading this whole post, here’s the secret link to the list of JourneyQuest lead actors: LINK)